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10RollPack.jpg 10 Roll Polysand Pack
We offer grades of Polysand from 1000 to 12000. The assortment is up to you.

You will select which of the 6" x 50' rolls you want on the shopping cart page. Just make sure your selections add up to 10! The per roll cost is $225.89, a savings of 5% off the regular price.

Indicate which rolls you want in what quantity in the Shopping Cart's text box. Please double-check your math so the total adds up to 10.

Price: $
1000GritRoll-s.jpg 1000 Grit Polysand Roll
1000 Grit Polysand Roll, 6 inches by 50 feet. The per-roll price will vary according to how many rolls are purchased.
Price: $
1800Sheet-s2.jpg 1800 Grit Cloth-backed Sheet
A 6" by 12" 1800 Grit sheet. 1800 Grit is also available in a 6" x 50' roll, foam-backed sheets, and in our Polysand Kits
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